The DJ: Cabana

He is a musical voyeur, cherry-picking tracks for their Groovy, Tribal & Funky elements.

The sets are adventurous and diverse. So much so, that you will taste three flavours:

Day Time
House parties is how he became a DJ. They taught him that electronic music with its rhythms creates a platform upon which different genres can be mixed and matched.
This is exactly what he intends to do during his day sets with groovy baselines creating the rhythms.

#House #Groovy #Rythmical #Dubby

Night Time 

His darker library consists of artists that satisfy the bass and replace the claps with niche instruments. His latest track-of-the-moment tends to be an eclectic and rhythmical masterpiece that has everyone dancing infectiously. He creates sets that focus on taking people on a journey, which will have them on the dancefloor until the very end. 

#Eclectic #DarkDisco #Progressive #Oriental


Wildcards are part of what makes DJing fun and keeps the scene innovative. However, not all tracks are meant for the dancefloor. And so, a few playlists are evolving into a separate collection. Tag along as we find out where this path leads to.

#Soulful #Oriental #AlternativeRock

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Behind the Party

Work is a place to get inspired, whether as a client, collaborator, or colleague. Her role is to strive for innovation. She is a tinkerer, finding ways to set up, improve, or simplify projects depending on their phase.

As a co-founder of Cabana Libre, she trusts and supports the team in many aspects. She takes the lead on finances, lighting, running the association, and office management. She also plays a supporting role in music, food, markets, bar, the web app, logistics, recruitment, entrance, and sponsorships.