DJ Crew

Resident DJs

Coming from 7 different countries, all with different musical backgrounds and styles, the Cabana Libre Resident DJs know how to make the crowd flow in the same wave lines.

All DJs  of the crew are based in Barcelona and, even though they’re all lovers of electronic music and high energies, you’ll be able to hear their unique approaches and passions  through their individuals use of vocals and bass lines.

7 different nationalities
7 different flavours
From house to EBM through tribal indie dance & dark disco


Lover of art and innovation & a sucker for the dark side. 

Ruxxandra loves digging for unique event locations and dirty bass lines. Her nomadic journey spans five countries (so far), each leaving an indelible mark, now blended into her distinct musical sound. A connoisseur of the shadows, she'll lead you on a voyage through sub bass frequencies and hauntingly evocative vocals. 

Her musical style is a harmonious fusion of dark electronica, progressive house, indie dance, and trippy acidy sounds. Cofounder of Cabana Libre.



Cabana is a Dutch musical voyeur who’s style can best be described as Groovy Tribal & Funk. He’s been exploring across continents for cultural expression through music and integrating it into his sets. When Cabana gets on stage he will take you on an  adventure, sharing with you the love he’s encountered along the way.

Passion is the driving force behind everything Cabana does, and it has allowed him to prioritize quality at every step.


Valerie Jane

Valerie Jane is a longtime lover and member of the electronic music scene, with her career starting in Los Angeles and Detroit before making a significant move to Barcelona in 2017 where she honed her skills and developed her musical identity. Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, she has become a global musical nomad, leaving her mark on prestigious venues and festivals worldwide.


Alice Youngling

Born in the Swiss Alps, Alice Youngling has lived in Belgium, Malaysia, the UK

and the US. Her lifestyle has allowed her to play in venues and events across the world, and meet people from all different walks of life, constantly influencing and stretching her sound. Alice seeks to deliver energetic and driving sets; honoring the funky, tech and soulful side of house music.


Andrea Love

Andrea Love is a Norwegian DJ based in Barcelona, who’s long time love for dance and music led her behind the decks. She’s an all around lover of house music, and her passion for good-vibe grooves, complemented by a love for nasty bass, brings a unique blend to her sets. Her true joy lies in sharing and creating memorable moments on the dancefloor, observing how music effortlessly unites people.


Jo Kazan

French DJ & Producer based in Barcelona. his sound is a seamless blend of Indie Dance, Italo, Trance, and Dark Disco, creating a captivating auditory experience. Rooted in 80's and 90's synth-driven dance music, Jo Kazan crafts journeys that transcend time and space. His sets fuse futuristic elements and cosmic euphoria, transporting listeners to a realm where genre boundaries dissolve. Jo's passion for music is evident in every beat, innovating and inspiring, deeply connecting with audiences, making each performance memorable.



GEMMA is a recent add to the electronic music scene,  but with contact and love for elecronic music since she was very young, thanks to some family members’ passion for it. Born and raised in a neighbour town of Barcelona, and from her basement where she spent hours practicing to her recent incorporation to the Cabana Libre’s resident Djs team, GEMMA has an insatiable thirst to never stop learning.