Cabana Libre is a Barcelona-based Non-Profit Cultural Association

We aim to innovate the event industry by bringing people together in a safe, open, and artistic environment that encourages creativity.

We are a collective of 13 friends from all over the world, and together we organize artistic experiences where the people, the music, and the decorations reign equally on the dance floor.

Since its birth in Prague in 2016, Cabana Libre has hosted over 50 large-scale productions, bringing under its roof over 5.000 Cabaniers (guests).

The Ingredients


It's important for us that everyone who arrives at our events feels safe and eager to go on adventures together. Embracing the Berlin-style door policy, our events prioritize inclusivity, as we are committed to creating a diverse and vibrant community. 

To join an experience, one must first register on our web app. Each request is thoughtfully reviewed, ensuring a mix of perspectives, backgrounds, and good vibes. Our guests include both locals and expats, aged 21-40.


Through themed decorations and dress code, the Cabana Libre team enriches the soul of the locations they work with. Each event is unique and tailored to the space, becoming a new magical universe for a few hours. 

Sustainability is one of our core values, and we love to recycle and reuse materials previously used, but we never present the same decor twice. Our creativity ensures that every event feels fresh and special, reflecting the spirit of our commitment to environmental consciousness.

Extra Care

Beyond the themes and costumes, we have various games and activities throughout the events to give people a break from the dance floor and foster community and friendships. We also have local artisanal vendors at many of our events to promote the local community. Lastly, we have food at all of our events to encourage our guests to party in a healthy and responsible way, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for our sober family, and we always have free fruit and water available.


Cabana Libre's musical signature is an eclectic, multi-genre experience. From the first beat to the last, our residents’ seamless transitions ensure a non-stop dance flow, with each track building on the excitement of the one before. From house to EBM, through tribal indie dance and dark disco, we guarantee to instill an energy as boundless as the music itself. The diverse rhythms and beats keep the atmosphere vibrant, creating a dynamic and unforgettable experience for all our guests.

Our Values

Make No Assumptions
We are aligned in thought and action

We keep an open mind and embrace all possibilities. We come into all of our projects with a blank canvas, and leave all assumptions at the door.

No Idea is Too Crazy

We love dreaming out loud

Bring us your wildest ideas, your maddest fantasies, and your burning questions about life. We’ll make them happen. Go wild!

Save the Whales

We care about the environment

We are committed to at least trying to relieve some of the stress we cause our planet. We always build our events with the the Rs in mind - Reuse, Reduce, Recylce.