The DJ: RuxXandra

RuxXandra (previously Libéré) is originally from Romania, and currently based in Barcelona. She has previously lived in the Netherland, Greece, and Czech Republic, and infused elements from all places into her style.

Her musical storyteller journey started in 2019, inspired by the euphoria dancers feel every time the bass hits their chests. As if casting a spell, she aims to transform the audience into a single unit that waves in unison to the beat.

RuxXandra's a sucker for the dark side, so get ready for a ride on the waves of the sub bass and nostalgic vocals. You'll most often hear her play electronica, indie dance, progressive, or breakbeat, all influenced by her love for drums, hip-hop and rock'n'roll.

in 2016 she co-founded Cabana Libre and has since helped organize over 100 events across Europe, where the people, the music, and the decorations reign with equal power on the dance floor.

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Behind the Party

Since completing her MA in Curatorship in September 2016, she has helped organize over 100 eclectic events, ranging from exhibition openings and music gatherings with €0 budgets to trade shows and conferences with €700K budgets.

As a co-founder of Cabana Libre, her mission is to bring people together under the same roof, while fostering a sense of community among locals and expats alike. The Cabana Libre events are designed to help people interact, exchange cultural ideas, and ultimately enhance their lives through meaningful connections. She aims to achieve this mission by ensuring that the music, the people, the decorations, and the activities of the event are given equal importance - all the way from the planning stage.

She has wide-ranging experience in various art and event management-related fields, including DJing, artist and stage management, video and photo productions, customer happiness, social media management, content production, social games, film, theatre, and art history.

Having co-founded Cabana Libre, she trusts and supports the team in many aspects. She takes the lead on marketing, people operations, social games, sales, and brand image and design. Additionally, she supports recruitment, entrance flow, the trophy moment, and the non-profit cultural association as the President.