Our Values

Every Project at Cabana Libre is born on the basis of trust and values.

Cabana Libre is a platform for artists to experiment and push their boundries of creativity, together.

Do you recognise the frustration that art needs to be confined within the imagination of the commisioner and not the artist?
Well, Cabana Libre is here to hear your idea, provide in depth consulting and empower you to turn it into reality.

Make No Assumptions

We are aligned in thought and action

We keep an open mind and embrace all possibilities. We come into all of our projects with a blank canvas, and leave all assumptions at the door.

No Idea is Too Crazy

We love dreaming out loud

Bring us your wildest ideas, your maddest fantasies, and your burning questions about life. We’ll make them happen. Go wild!

Save the Whales

We care about the environment

We are committed to at least trying to relieve some of the stress we cause our planet. Part of the proceeds from our events go towards sustainable initiatives.