Why do we (still) party?

Apr 10,  2023
The event industry is huge.
There are birthday parties being organized, exhibition openings, live concerts, festivals, music retreats, illegal raves, and outdoor ecstatic dance gathering among so many more happening at the same time, in this exact moment as you’re reading this, all over the world! Everyone has their own style, their own way of having fun and entertaining others, and there is little, almost no consistency at all across the board on HOW an event should be organized. It’s messy. Everyone is doing their thing, making it impossible to predict how the next event you’ll be going to will overall be.
This can all be very overwhelming and stressful when choosing which event to attend, or not. Friends tend to come in very handy in this decision-making process, because, well, they’re your friends, you like them, you trust that they know what you like as well, so you follow them when they recommend a place or an artist you should follow. However, this can be a tricky solution if you’ve just moved to a new city, or a new country, or you flew to a new continent altogether. Therefore, to make new friends and find out about more cool people and places, you have to step out of your comfort zone and go out, attend an event, and meet someone.
Because events bring people together. This is the one single thread that I see between all types of events that are out there. They are all an ‘excuse’ to get different people under the same roof. For different reasons, of course. Some want to showcase the art they’ve been working on, others want to exhibit they’re friends’ art, somebody wants to celebrate themselves or others, some only want to cash in the ticket entrances, and most do it just for the love of it — whatever ‘it’ might be.
So, how can you find the best parties that are happening in your area? Well, usually you start by digging through social media, following a few keywords that resonate with you, like outdoor events, techno music, art exhibition, or you straight up type out in Google “best parties in Barcelona” to see what comes up — just for inspiration, of course, cos’ you know the main results will be filled with tourists and that’s not what you want. Nowadays you might even ask ChatGPT which are the best events in Barcelona, you’ll get an even more thorough list of what you like.
And one day, something catches your eye and you decide it’s worth getting out of the house for. You put on your best casual-but-open-to-meeting-people outfit and start traveling to your destination. The entry is always a bit of a shaky period, with thoughts bumping in, from “how harsh will the security be?”, and“what if I don’t like the music?”, all the way to“is this place actually safe for me?”. But hey, we said we’ll give it a go, so let’s do it. Let’s meet someone. Let’s have a drink and a small dance. We’ll see what we do from there.
As you get the hang of it again, you repeat this process a few times, trying out new places and doing your best to have fun in the process. Sounds amazing, no? Also very draining on the long run tho. This can continue for some time unless, of course, at some point, you find a series of events where, when you look back a bit, you realize that you’ve been to a few times now because, well, you like it. It shares your values and ticks your good senses. How great is the feeling when you find a place where you feel comfortable to be free; to be yourself? The best.
Realizing this, it makes you wonder how come this event series resonates with you a lot more than others did? What here is different from all the other parties you’ve been to before?How come the event organizers understand you so well? What drives them to put together such an experience? Let’s talk about it some more in the next blog entry.
Written by Ruxandra, co-founder of Cabana Libre