Why do we (still) organize events?

Apr 19,  2023
Think you could do it better?
In my previous blog entry, named “Why do we (still) party?”, I mentioned that organizers throw events for various reasons — from birthday parties and graduation celebrations, all the way to day events and festivals with never-ending line-ups. This diversity in scope, size, and desired outcome makes it very difficult to find a common recipe on HOW to throw a good event. However, I do think that there is a common thread going between all event organizers when it comes to putting your head down and penciling in the steps you’d need to take in order to start & finish an event: and that is inspiration from past events where you’ve attended as a guest.
One day, you entered a party and became mesmerized — the music, the decorations, the people chitchatting, the snacks on the tables, the drinks in the glasses, the beautiful outfits, the sound of the heels beating the floors, all brought together in a unique location which you’ve never been in before — it starts lighting you up from the inside, makes your body want to join in the activities, and brings in empowerment. A feeling that can linger inside you for dayssss and oh, how much more beautiful and productive those days are!
And one day, after you’ve searched for the same feeling at other events but failed to find it again, you decide to recreate it yourself. Why did we decide to just that through Cabana Libre?
Because we want to continue what others have started. We honour the pioneers and we see it as our duty to continue spreading love and happiness to people that have never experienced it in this form before. We want to make more people around us feel empowered. But hot damn, once you get into it, and realize how long the to-do list really is… it’s very easy to start getting tempted to cut corners and compromise on the quality of the details. And at the end of the day, in my view, you’re only as good as the last event you organized, so stay strong my friends and resist the urge! Because not everyone manages that…
Those raves you used to go to (all those years back)? The ones that made you fall in love with music harder than you thought possible? How many of those organisers do you think still throw parties? How many have given up over the years because of the pressures of the city, of the neighbours, or of shitty drinks providers, bad collaborations, lack of business mindset or… all of those at once? Maybe most of them?
Definitely not all of them tho. Some of those raves you used to go to grew bigger, started reaching wider audiences, and ended up becaming a staple of the industry. Look at Cercle, we all saw it grow under our eyes on Facebook and I’m sure we all thought “wish I did that first”. So what did they do differently from the ones that faded away? Well, I think that it’s because they didn’t just have an amazingly new and contemporary idea — which I feel that Cabana Libre has as well — they also worked relentlessly to get people’s attention on the benefits of their event format, and emphasized on what differentiates them from everyone else; what makes them unique. And now they’re an exclusive event that everyone wants to be at, but very few actually are.
I wish for Cabana Libre to grow the same way and be a part of the winning side of the event industry story. We’re here to inspire, to show others that yes, it can be done! Work hard and with passion, and people will value, respect, and want to be a part of your work! We want to make people believe that they can too follow their passions and be successful. We want for you to feel empowered. For that to happen, we always push harder and hustle even more than before. There’s rarely a long moment of rest.
Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. Great saying, huh? I really feel that this is completely untrue. Working for your passion means putting in at least double the hours and commitment. But making a living out of what you love — because you’re genuinely helping people live a better life and love themselves and the ones around them more, so they’re willing to pay for your artistry and service— worth every. extra. hour.
Talking about sayings I don’t agree with, here’s one that I’m actually a true believer of: imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I feel that often, when we need a moment of reflection, or a pick-me-up, we travel through our memories to a moment of celebration, a moment when we were surrounded by friendly faces and very possible we were also enjoying a yummy dessert, or a drink filled with tasty aromas.
This is also why I don’t mind (for long 🤪) if other event organizers copy the Cabana Libre style. The moment I see similar elements being taken and used in other events, my pride kicks in. That means that we left an impression — and not just any impression, but one good enough for them to study, analyze, and want to recreate. I will always be happy if Cabana Libre becomes the standard that others want to adhere to. And every time I smell the Cabana Libre scent at another event it makes me want to innovate again, and go even wilder in our next productions. It’s a great sign for me that we can go even bigger! This is one of the most rewarding parts of the job: seeking for an even more efficient and sustainable way to raise the bar of the event industry— to the moon, and beyond!
Tell me, dear reader, what makes you feel empowered? Which past experiences have formed you most, which memory do you fall back on when times are grey? In the next blog entry we’ll talk a bit more about the people around us — the ones that form the event music industry, on and off the dance floor, and help us transform dreams into reality.
Written by Ruxandra, co-founder of Cabana Libre