Setting a high Bar

Samantha is the spirited architect behind the bar at Cabana Libre parties. With her creative mixology skills, she crafts beverages that elevate the festive atmosphere of each event. Samantha's infectious enthusiasm and dedication to creating memorable experiences make her a cornerstone of the Cabana Libre team, where her contributions ensure that every gathering is unforgettable.

Behind the Party

She is an event organizer and experience creator, professional in organizational communication. Passionate about interpersonal relationships, events, and production, she is goal-oriented with a high capacity for analysis and resolution. Dynamic and creative, her career has benefited greatly from implementing techniques that facilitate processes and the importance of assertive communication.

As a professional, she believes it is vital to help the company evolve, provide visibility in different media, and stay competitive in the market, achieving both group and personal accomplishments. At Cabana Libre events, she organizes bar logistics and serves as the main contact for sponsorships.