The DJ: Valerie Jane

She moved to Barcelona in 2017, with the goql of perfecting her career in music production. Her main influences are deeply rooted in Mexico, but LA and Detroit, where she also resided, can't stay behind. Detroit, being the birthplace of techno, has found it's way into her veins together with the happy cibes of Chicago house.

Being a global nomad with over 12 year experience in the music scene gave her the opportunity to play International Scenes such as Mexico, United States, Swittzerland and Spain.

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Behind the Party

A versatile entrepreneur, a true jack of all trades with ventures spanning across various industries. From her expertise in cryptocurrency to managing a successful van rental business and other small enterprises, Valeria's entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Her innovative mindset and ability to juggle multiple ventures make her a dynamic force in the business world. At Cabana Libre, Valeria's diverse skill set and business acumen contribute significantly to the vibrant and ever-evolving community.

At Cabana Libre she takes the lead of the music.